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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Vote 1 Jim McDonald – policy statements

Posted by Jim McDonald on March 19, 2012

Catch up with Noosa Greens Candidate Jim McDonald and read what he says on various election topics.

Jim has covered a wide range of issues during the election. They include:

  • My 30 second pitch to Mary-Lou Stevens “In the elevator” on ABC Coast FM:
    Noosa voters should vote for me because I am an experienced advocate with vision.
    I’ll introduce a Private Members Bill for a plebiscite so that Noosa residents can decide on de-amalgamation.
    I want a prosperous Noosa that is prepared for the new economy and for climate change, with regional food security, a Coast served by light rail and connecting to fast trains, a region with its own renewable energy sources, and jobs in clean industries.
    I’ll push to get the Noosa GPs After Hours Service put back in the hospital to take pressure off emergency services.
    I’ll oppose any exploitation of the coal reserves under the Coast.
    And I don’t owe vested interests any favours It will be the people I owe.
  • Jim mcDonald

Jim has been activiely campaigning to get some decent representation of Noosa into the parliament. More information available on the following sites:


Greens will work to support Seniors in Noosa

Posted by Jim McDonald on February 29, 2012

The Greens candidate for Noosa, Jim McDonald, said that he would work to ensure a positive environment for seniors in the electorate.

“My approach will be to ensure that seniors get the opportunity to participate in the social, economic and political aspects of life and to maintain their independence to whatever degree they feel able.”

He said the present percentage of residents who are 65 years or older was between 12 and 15 percent and this will grow as Baby Boomers seek out Noosa as an ideal place to retire to.

“All seniors have the right to exercise plenty of choices for a fulfilling retirement; to employ, where they wished, their skills and life experience to the benefit the whole community; and to enjoy a strong local health system.

“This is what the Greens policy means when it affirms the rights of older people to live with dignity. Most retirees do not regard their life post-work as having one foot in the grave.

“The state government must play a central role in the provision, regulation and support of aged care services integrated into an accessible community-based health system in Noosa on the basis of need and not the ability to pay. The Labor Government has  resided over an increasingly dysfunctional Queensland Health and seniors are affected.

“I will use my position in the Parliament to improve services for the elderly who are frail by improving respite services to carers, supporting existing community care programs aimed at supporting older people in their own homes, increasing the number of  places in our region for aged care and retirement living, and addressing transport issues for senior’s mobility throughout the community.

“Critical to the care services that are available is increasing funding to enhance the numbers, skills and salaries of community health nurses and workers in the aged care sector to reduce the incidence of ’emergency’ care.

“We will also introduce legislation to provide free public transport to all Government Seniors and Government Concession card holders.

“Managing an inevitable increase to the number of retirees in Noosa will require expanding the scope of the Queensland Housing Affordability Strategy to include an emphasis on current and future demand for affordable housing.

“Our Seniors program is based upon the critical choice for seniors to live in their own homes where possible. The Greens will work to provide assistance to make renovations that will allow them to age in their own homes.

“The Greens and Independents have demonstrated in the several Parliaments in Australia and overseas that the cross bench can play a powerful role in cutting across the vested interests represented by the old parties.”

Jim McDonald, Noosa Greens Candidate, Media Release 27 February 2012

Aged care funding crisis continues, with no Budget relief in sight

Posted by Steve on May 15, 2011

The Australian Greens say immediate problems facing the aged care sector have been ignored in the Federal Budget.

“Funding for aged care remains basically unchanged in the face of serious threats to the viability of services and the growing demands of an ageing population,” Senator Rachel Siewert said.

“The sector has been seeking short term fixes to secure services while the Government develops its longer term response to the reforms suggested by the Productivity Commission. This call remains unanswered and I’m concerned about the capacity of the sector to manage until the long awaited reform is put in place,” said Senator Siewert.

“The aged care sector requested some very modest increases to try to prevent services from closing and to ensure older Australians don’t miss out on support in the interim. I’m disappointed to see that the funding for services continues to fall further behind rising costs, such as accommodation, utilities and wages.

“The government have overlooked the 1.75% conditional adjustment payment requested to keep up with rising costs and they have failed to take any steps to put money aside for pay equity for workers in the sector,” said Senator Siewert.

Senator Siewert says the release of new figures on the number of people with dementia also serves to highlight the increasing importance of adequate funding for the aged care sector.

“It is imperative that the Government makes reform of aged care a priority,” concluded Senator Siewert.

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