Let's keep our Noosa Hospital

The LNP state government is keen to shut down discussion of public hospital services in Noosa.

Government documents show that funding for the public hospital beds runs out in a few years. The government’s response has been to ridicule me for mentioning this. There is still no committed funding.

I don’t want Noosa to lose its public hospital. We’ve already seen public orthopaedic services disappear from Noosa. Will we wait until the emergency and intensive care services shut down, too? The documents show that these will go in 2017.

As an active mentor in the Business Mentors Noosa group, I see this all the time: if you’re not committed to continuous improvement, you accept constant decay.

The Noosa Hospital was originally designed to include two additional pavilions which were never built. One of these was intended for maternity services, which remains a major and obvious shortcoming.

Another area of pressing need is that of acute mental health. Patients requiring mental health services must now travel to Nambour or Gympie, and be treated in locked mental health units—an experience so traumatic that it can lead to worse rather than better mental health.

Will the big new hospital at Kawana mean the end of the Noosa Hospital? From the vantage point of Brisbane, the new hospital might look like it serves the entire Sunshine Coast.

The extra 30 or 40 minutes drive to Kawana is a big issue, especially if you’re suffering from a suspected stroke, or a heart attack, or a serious injury. If you need to visit anyone in hospital at Kawana you have no alternative but to drive and then pay big parking fees when you get there.

Do you want to keep the hospital in Noosa? You’ll have to vote Green.

At the last election, 60% of the primary vote went to the LNP candidate. That sends a clear message to the LNP government: you don’t have to do anything for Noosa, as that seat is rusted on.

The Greens are the alternative for Noosa. We’re serious and committed to keeping full-service hospital facilities here in the seat of Noosa.

If you vote for the LNP candidate because that’s what you did last time, you’ll be voting to send our hospital a long way south.

Think it through. Vote Green.