Morrison set to lead renewed attack on our social safety net

The Australian Greens said the appointment of Scott Morrison as Social Services Minister shows the Government's clear intent to pursue hard-line policies which will weaken our nation's social safety net.

"Just when you thought this Government couldn't make things tougher for families and single parents, older Australians, young job-seekers and students, along comes Scott Morrison," Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson on family and community services said.

"Minister Morrison has taken a callous, hard-line approach to his work as Immigration Minister, showing an unprecedented level of cruelty to refugees fleeing some of the worst places on Earth.

"This should not be the CV of the man charged with protecting vulnerable Australians.

"The Prime Minister has labelled Mr Morrison the 'minister for economic participation', completely ignoring the importance of this role in supporting vulnerable people in our community who cannot meet the basic costs of living.

"This appointment is a clear sign that the Abbott Government is focused on making severe, unjustified cuts and changes to our social safety net.

"You would have thought the Government would have learned from the community's clear rejection of the budget as unfair to the most vulnerable. People want the Government to take a more compassionate fairer approach.

"I am deeply concerned about how Mr Morrison will handle the McClure and Forrest Reviews, policies that threaten to have a significant adverse impact on the Australian community," Senator Siewert concluded.