Trawler ban a political stunt if it doesn’t address capacity

Greens fisheries spokesperson Senator Peter Whish-Wilson says the Abbott government’s super trawler ban is a cynical political ploy and not science based fisheries policy.

“This ban is a cynical political ploy not based on the recent independent scientific panel’s advice on super trawlers,” Senator Peter Whish-Wilson said.

“Banning ships over a certain length means nothing if mega freezing capacity industrial scale trawlers are still allowed to plunder our oceans and threaten ecosystems.

“We need science based fisheries policy to guarantee healthy oceans and the future of the industry, not some arbitrary ban based on the length of boats.

“The Greens have legislation ready to go that would limit freezing capacity to 2000 tonnes rather than the size of boats. This limits a boat’s ability to stay out at sea for long periods of time and cause localised depletion.

“Mega capacity trawlers brings the kind of industrial scale harvesting that has depleted local fish stocks and damaged marine ecosystems all around the world.

"We don't have them in Australia now and why do we need them in the future?"