Morrison should abandon failing welfare to work programs

Welfare to work programs are ineffective and ideologically driven

The Australian Greens argue that new Social Services Minister Scott Morrison cannot ignore new evidence that points to the failure of the ‘welfare to work’ approach undertaken by Australia’s last four Prime Ministers.

“Welfare to work programs are ineffective and ideologically driven. They waste resources that should be used to help people into secure, long term employment,” Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson on family and community services said.

“Analysis undertaken by ANU highlights the failures of the welfare to work regimes that have been supported by the Howard, Rudd, Gillard and Abbott Governments.

“Since 1998 we have seen welfare to work, single parent payment cuts, tougher disability support payment rules, ineffective work for the dole schemes and many more poor policy decisions that have hurt vulnerable people and have not improved employment.

“The Abbott Government, with Scott Morrison now leading the charge, have plans to take an even tougher approach, but this new analysis shows just how flawed this would be.

“The new Minister should study the evidence and abandon this Government’s cruel approach and instead focus on investments in better employment services, skills development, case management, education, training and other programs would deliver far better results than an ideological commitment to work for the dole and denying people income support for six months at a time.

“The Government shouldn't continue to ignore the evidence and embark on an approach which we know will not work,” Senator Siewert concluded.