“My aim is to protect the Noosa Plan which provides a balance between environmental protection and economic prosperity. With our conservation measures in place, it is now time we faced the next challenge of becoming a genuinely sustainable community."

I have lived worked and raised my family in the Noosa Shire for the last 17 years. My partner Kim Luff is a 5th generation Noosa local. We live on ten acres at Kin Kin where we grow native fingerlimes and have operated a small business in the Noosa region called ‘Rainforest Establishment Service’, established in 1994.

As a professional horticulturalist, supervisor and project manager, I have undertaken civil and domestic landscaping, organic farm management, private & commercial forestry and bush food cultivation.


I have a record of campaigning against inappropriate development in our rural areas and against development’s such as ‘Noosa on Weyba’ and the ‘Noosa Civic’ expansion proposal. I have also campaigned for safer roads in the Hinterland.

Like many Noosa locals, I was proactively involved in the fight against Council amalgamation and of course, the successful campaign to regain our Council. Before joining the Greens, I volunteered and held a number of executive positions in not-for-profit community groups such as Noosa Parks Association, the former Noosa Biosphere Association and the Noosa Independence Alliance.

In 2004 my partner, fifth generation Noosa local Kim Luff, and I began a grass roots campaign against a massive development proposed on 522 hectares of Kin Kin farmland. As principal petitioner, I raised local awareness of the impacts of Titanium Enterprises “Edge Resort” proposal, which was eventually called in and refused by the Minister due to its environmental impacts and evidence of local opposition.

Election campaign experience: In 2008 I ran as Division 12 candidate for SCRC and campaigned on protection of the Noosa Plan, food security and protection of environmental assets and our tourism based economy. I was pleased to achieve over 14% of the vote against the two incumbent Councillors.