Noosa Shire will be at forefront of clean energy future with Qld’s first Green local Councillor

Noosa Shire will be at forefront of clean energy future with Qld’s first Green local Councillor

Qld Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader, today officially announced the Noosa Greens’ excellent local council candidate, Aaron White, who could become Queensland’s first Green local Councillor.

In Noosa Shire at Peregian Beach today, Senator Waters said Mr White, who has worked and lived in Noosa Shire for 17 years, would be a valuable addition to Noosa Shire’s progressive local Council.

“Aaron has an exciting vision for Noosa that embraces the job-rich clean energy future, including a community solar farm and divesting Council funds from fossil fuels to reduce economic risk.

“As the Australian Greens climate change spokesperson, I look forward to being able to work with Aaron as a Councillor for Noosa Shire on local clean energy opportunities and climate change adaptation.

“As a professional horticulturalist growing native fingerlimes in Kin Kin, Aaron has a deep understanding of climate change impacts on agriculture and the urgent need for strong climate action federally, which I’m fighting for in the Senate,” Senator Waters said.

Mr White said Noosa Shire could act locally to help slow global warming and to take advantage of opportunities in renewable energy and other 21st century industries.

“Neighbouring councils are already moving forward with community solar farms – Fraser Coast Council has committed to building a 401 kilowatt community solar farm and the Sunshine Coast Council is building a 15 megawatt facility.

“It’s time that Noosa Shire developed its own community solar farm to complement the good work of many local households and businesses with solar panels on their roofs.

“Council can also work to safeguard ratepayers’ money by divesting from fossil fuels, which are increasingly economically risky investments. In Newcastle, the local council has divested from fossil fuels, given the economic risk investing in these dying industries presents.

“By investing in 21st century industries, like renewable energy, we can protect the sustainability of our Shire’s economic wellbeing and play a part in the necessary transition to clean energy to protect our children’s futures,” Mr White said.