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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Greens hold their own in Brisbane City Council election

Posted by Jim McDonald on April 30, 2012

What is the real result for The Greens in the Brisbane Council election – not the unsubstantiated views of the media or the failure to report?

Looking at the vote as at closing Saturday, I’ve gone through the Wards where we were represented. If we regard less that ±1.0% as holding our own, we have held our vote in 5 of the wards [26% of wards] in which The Greens had candidates. In 10 of the wards [53% of wards] we increased our vote by more than 1.0% with Bracken Ridge & Moorooka at over 2%, Walter Taylor [+4.62%], and Wishart [+3.21%].

So, in 79% of the seats in which The Greens stood candidates the vote was either steady or significantly increased.

Andrew Bartlett increased the Mayoral percentage by 2.21%.

In two wards there was a significant fall in votes [more than 5%] in Tennyson and The Gabba. In the latter, Drew Hutton had obtained 25.6% of the vote in 2008.

In the By-election for Anna Bligh’s former seat, Jo Bragg actually increased the Greens vote by 1.52% and in the present mood of the electorate that is holding our own at the very least.

The facts of the matter [subject to the usual caveats about error] as as follows:

Bracken Ridge +2.1%
Central +1.6%
Deagon +0.21%
Doboy 7.27%*
Enoggera -0.85%
Hamilton -0.18%
Holland Park -0.73%
Jamboree +1.94%
Macgregor +0.40%
Marchant +1.26%
Moorooka +2.03%
Pullenvale +1.1%
Tennyson -5.36%
The Gabba -5.13% [Drew Hutton last time at 25.64%]
The Gap +1.44%
Toowong -1.44%
Walter Taylor +4.62%
Wishart +3.21%
Wynnum Manley -2.30%

*No previous Greens candidate

Jim McDonald,
Noosa & Hinterland Greens 

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