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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Noosa Greens ready for early election

Posted by Jim McDonald on March 23, 2011

Noosa Greens are on an election footing following the leadership coup in the LNP and Premier Bligh’s refusal to rule out an early election. The Greens candidate has already been pre-selected and approved by the Queensland Greens State Council. The Noosa and Hinterland Branch has a campaign team in place.

The Noosa Greens candidate is Dr Jim McDonald who stood for the Greens in Wide Bay during last year’s Federal election.

Jim McDonald

Jim McDonald, Noosa Greens candidate, addressing a Greens function during the Federal election campaign 2010

Dr McDonald said that the Greens have a good chance of knocking off Labor in Noosa whenever the State election is held.

Labor continues to disappoint Queenslanders despite the Premier doing a good job during the flood crises and Cyclone Yasi. But no-one has forgotten that Labor sold off some of our most important assets and infrastructure for short term profit.

The Labor Government has allowed mining and gas interests to run amok in the State at the expense of farmers and productive land. The Sunshine Coast and the Mary Valley face a real threat of coalmining and coal seam gas destroying the region’s environment.

Labor is encouraging coalmining throughout the Mary Valley and drilling for coal and gas is occurring just outside the Noosa electorate borders at Wolvi. What hope has Noosa got in stopping environmental vandalism if this is the mindset of both Labor and the LNP?

The Greens are the only Party to stand against the expansion of the coal and gas industry into our region. The LNP has been silent and ineffectual because they support, and are supported by, the mining industry. They have failed rural communities and farmers.”

He said that there were a number of other issues for the election whenever it is called. “The so-called health revolution will pass by our region when the age demographic in the Noosa electorate suggests that pressures will only increase on health services.

Where is the evidence of planning for a rapid transport system in our region when fuel prices are frequently hitting $1.50 a litre and will certainly increase towards $2.00 a litre?

I have been pushing for some time for a strategic approach to food production in the region. There is no evidence that the State has any strategy for dealing with food security as the climate changes. Nor is there any evidence of local or state-wide planning for the inevitable transformation into a global post-carbon economy.

If I am elected as The Greens MP for Noosa, I will work to improve the contribution of the Queensland Government towards making the Noosa electorate a better place to live, to work, to visit, for recreation and the arts, and in which to invest sustainably.”

Jim McDonald is a widower and has lived in Sunshine Beach for 15 years. He was formerly an academic, a union official and high school teacher. His PhD is on management in small and medium sized businesses.

Media release, Tuesday, 22 March 2011

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