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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Greens call to end logging in Australian native forests

Posted by Steve on June 14, 2010

With the collapse of overseas woodchip markets and the growth of plantation forests, results of a new national poll show unprecedented support for ending logging in Australian native forests.

Launching a new television advertisement calling for an end to native forest logging, Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said there had never been a more opportune time for the Commonwealth Government to step in and end conflict over forests forever.

The results of a national Galaxy research poll of 1,100 people show:
* 90% of Australians are in favour of protecting remaining high conservation value forests in Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales in national parks.
* 77% agree that the Rudd Government should stop the logging of native forests, which contain large amounts of carbon that would be protected by ending forest clearance
* 72% are in favour of the Federal Government assisting logging contractors to take redundancies, retrain or move permanently to a plantation based industry

“The logging industry is now asking for help to assist workers and companies to shift from unsustainable native forest logging to plantation based forestry,” said Senator Brown.

“The Commonwealth Government should step in.

“Having turned its back on putting a price on greenhouse pollution this is the easiest, simplest way for the Rudd Government to be able to say it has reduced Australia’s greenhouse emissions.

“There is overwhelming public support for the creation of new national parks to protect our precious remaining forests.

“There is no future in native forest logging. Plantation timber is the preference of the global market, and now dinosaur companies like Gunns are in trouble, it is time to end Australian native forest logging forever.”

A meeting of representatives from Australian environment groups convened by Senator Brown last week endorsed the idea that native forest logging should end and that Australia should utilise its existing plantation base for forest products.

Greens call for forest protection on World Environment Day

Posted by Steve on June 5, 2010

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown says Australia should follow the ban in New Zealand and Thailand on native forest logging and the new moratorium on logging boreal forest in Canada with an end to logging of native forests here.

“The Rudd government and Abbott opposition should join the Greens in working to transform the logging industry to a plantation-based-future,” Senator Brown said.

“It would be a real breakthrough for Australia and its wildlife, and the opportunity has never so good as now.”

“In Tasmania, Victoria and south-east New South Wales, the end of clear fell logging of high conservation value forests is at hand. The federal and state governments can help workers in the depressed logging industry re-skill or find jobs in elevating these magnificent forests rather than destroying them,” Senator Brown said.

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