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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Senate passes Greens motion to recognise carers

Posted by Steve on October 6, 2010

The Senate has acknowledged the essential role of carers in our community and recognised that more needs to be done to provide them with support, passing a motion proposed by Australian Greens Community Services spokesperson, Senator Rachel Siewert.

The Senate noted that 17-23 October is National Carer’s Week with the theme, Anyone, Anytime can become a carer, which reflects the indiscriminate nature of the caring role and particularly how it can impact upon people at any life stage.

“There are over 2.6 millions unpaid carers in Australia, who provide essential support to those they care for and who take pressure off our overwhelmed public health system,” Senator Siewert said.

“Carers come from all walks of life, with different needs and experiences. As this year’s theme reflects, anybody can find themselves in this position.

“Without their work, the quality of life of many people would suffer. More should be done to provide carers with the support and assistance they deserve.

“Regardless of their age or life situation, people fill the role of carer out of compassion and love, and the personal impact upon them and their families can not be underestimated,” said Senator Siewert.

“I’m pleased the Senate support this motion acknowledging the work of our carers and importantly understanding that more needs to be done to support the work of carers in our community” concluded Senator Siewert.

National Carers Week will be held from 17-23 October 2010 and this year’s theme is ‘Anyone, Anytime can become a carer’.

“A strong safe crossbench in the Senate” – Brown

Posted by Steve on July 17, 2010

“I offer the electorate experienced and stable leadership, and the progressive policies and clear vision for Australia’s future which the big parties are ignoring,” Australian Greens Leader Senator Brown said in Canberra today.

“Moving forward will mean a carbon tax on polluters; bringing home safely Australia’s troops from Afghanistan; a universal dental care scheme; humane treatment of asylum seekers in Australia; protecting our forests and wildlife.”

“This election is also about the Senate and a strong cross-bench delivering better outcomes for Australians. The Greens are the responsible alternative to a deadlocked Abbott controlled Senate.”

“The Greens will campaign strongly on environmental issues including climate change action, the creation of marine national parks, protecting native forests and wildlife and saving the Darling Downs farmlands from 40,000 coal seam gas drill holes and open cut coal mines,” Senator Brown said.

Australians approve of Greens’ Senate role: new poll

Posted by Steve on July 14, 2010

A two-to-one majority of Australians approve of the role the Australian Greens play in the Senate according to a Galaxy research poll.

The national poll of 1009 voters taken last weekend found 55% approved of the role the Greens played and only 28% disapproved.

Ahead of an address to the National Press Club in Canberra today, Australian Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown said the Greens had shown the judgment and ability to negotiate and compromise in the interests of the Australian community.

“Without the Greens there would be oppositional deadlock in Parliament.

“Unlike the Coalition, the Greens negotiated with the Government to pass the economic stimulus package last year which saved Australia from recession.

“Raising the pension, fortnightly childcare rebates and fixing the renewable energy target are all results delivered by the Greens.

“We will continue to represent Australians on issues we know are important to them – For example, a carbon prices, getting our troops safely out of Afghanistan, decent treatment for asylum seekers and an end to native forest logging.”

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